Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010

All I want for Christmas...

All James wants for Christmas is his other bottom tooth! Ha. Right now, he is just a snaggletooth with one bottom tooth in.
James enjoyed decorating for Christmas today.
James hung the first ornament on the tree. His great grandma Kamps made this one for him.
Here is our Chrimmas tree this year.
Here are our stockings...I got them on sale for $4/piece. Score! Now, Santa just needs to fill it with diamonds, gold, jewels, or money.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Paw and Bons

My Paw Paw and his friend, Bonnie, came to visit us in Nashville. While they were here, I tried to show them all of the highlights of Nashville/Gallatin.

The first highlight is surely James. However, since he is such a wiggle worm, none of paw paw's pictures of him came out clear.

One of the beautiful things to see in middle Tennessee is the color of the trees in the fall. Paw Paw looks like he is enjoying the fall colors in this picture.
On Wednesday, we went downtown Nashville. After lunch at one of the restaurants on Broadway, we walked to the river. LP Field is on the other side of the river from the honky tonks and is the home of the TITANS!
Bonnie, James, and I posed for the picture on the riverfront.
Here's Paw and Bons posing for the picture on the riverfront.
Nashville built a commuter train about 4 years ago that has a very limited route. The beginning of the line is in downtown Nashville and there is a really cute train station there. Here is a picture of Paw and Bons by the clock outside of the station. I like this picture because you can see part of the batman building which is sort of landmark of Nashville. You can also see what gorgeous weather we had that day.
On Thursday night we went to visit the new and improved Opryland Hotel. The hotel was badly damaged in the May flood and had over 8 feet of water in some parts. They opened their doors for the first time since May this past Monday and the hotel looks great. Here is a picture of Paw, Bons, and Katie by the giant christmas tree.
After we walked around the hotel for awhile, we went to eat at the new Italian restaurant in the hotel. I forgot the name of it but it was a very nice meal. We enjoyed the visit with Paw and Bons and hope that they come visit us again.

Friday, November 12, 2010

6 Months

Here are some 6 months pictures of James.

Sometimes the nights get a little rough and this is how I find James in the morning.
My little man is learning to crawl.

His sweatshirt from the Smokies is so cute!