Friday, July 22, 2011

Eatin' some corn

James has always been a good eater but his immediate mastery of eating corn on the cob surprised even Steve and me! James had just fallen on the aggregrate in the back yard and has two nasty lumps on the left side of his forehead. You can see the lumps towards the end of the video when he's eating his off-brand otterpop.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sesame Street Live!

The folks at Gaylord were very thoughtful and offered two tickets to Sesame Street Live to James and me. We met our friends, The Bloomfields, there and James had a great time playing with Emma and eating concessions. He watched a little bit of the show but I think he was a little young to fully enjoy the whole thing. We left about 30 minutes before the show ended because he had enough.
Here is a picture of James looking interested in whatever Emma was doing...that's how he spent most of the time.
Here's a picture of James and me in the lobby area at the arena. We also spent time in the lobby during the show so he could run around and burn off some energy.

This was my attempt to make James sit in the seat at the show. It was a disaster and he nearly fell out on several occasions as you can see from this picture.

NOLA in May

Nana doesn't really insist that James wear clothes at her house...especially in the hot summer months. One of his favorite things to do at Nana and Pops' house is to ride around in the tailor tot. For those that don't know, the tailor tot is something from ancient around the time of the dinosaurs. =)
Here are some pictures of James and me at the famous Cafe du Monde in Metairie! We love beignets!

Double Platinum Leslie took us to the Hard Rock Casino on the gulf coast for a few days. We were all set to have a fun-filled day at the cabana which was outfitted with lounge chairs, a ceiling fan, fridge, and fruit platter. Nature had other, say, hurricane force winds and rain. Even though it wasn't what we originally planned, we had fun hanging out in the suite and watching the rain over the gulf from our balcony. The added bonus was that Pops surprised all of us by "popping" in (pardon the pun) unexpectedly!

This picture was taken on the day we left...gorgeous sunshine, isn't it!?

Zoo day!

We joined the zoo earlier this year and our zoo buddy is Quinn. He normally meets us there with his mommy, Lindsey. We have a great time but I think the boys like to play in the play area more than looking at the animals. Although, the flamingos and the lorikeets do keep their interest for several seconds. Ha!
Here are the boys goofing off for the camera. James is playing an unprompted game of peekaboo and Quinn is smiling for the picture.
When James gets really excited these days, he grits his teeth together and starts smiling really wide. It's pretty funny.

Such a dude!

There's something in the male DNA that makes them want to get dirty, crush things up, and bang things together. There are days when James gets multiple baths because he manages to find the dirtiest thing to keep his attention. And, if it keeps HIS attention, I have a hard time saying no. The first picture speaks for itself. In the second two pictures, the smudge on his face is from the used piece of charcoal that he crushed in his hand and then smeared all over his face. This is my life people!!! Ha!


Time flies when you're having fun! Since I see James every day, I forget how fast he's growing and changing. Apparently, he's done alot of growing since his birthday in April. Here are some recent photos of our summer fun!
This is James at the "poor man's pool"! Ha! It's the fountain at the Streets of Indian Lake. He had a great time and I didnt have to worry about him drowning.