Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy One Week Birthday!

Ha! James is one week old today. We've already been to the pediatrician twice, the lactation consultant once, and changed about 100 diapers. Now that nursing has really picked up, James eats about once every two hours and you can definitely hear when he poops! Ha!

I mentioned in an earlier post that James had lost some weight due to my milk not being in yet. Well, the milk man came (as my friend Amy would say) and James has been making up for lost time. Good grief. So, he was born at 8lbs on Monday, he was down to 7 lbs 4.25 oz. After we supplemented with formula for a day, he weighed 7 lbs 6.25 oz on Tuesday! The nurse could not believe he had put on 4 ozs in a single day. Yesterday, we weighed him again at the lacation appointment and he weighs... 7 lbs 13 oz!!! Apparently, babies lose some of their birth weight at first but are back to their initial birth weight 2 weeks after birth! James is nearly back at his birth weight after 1 week! Now, do you understand what I have been doing for the last few days? Feeding this starving kid!

James doesn't really sleep too much which is really hard for me. Steve went back to work yesterday so THANK GOD my mom is still here. She has been so helpful and I cant imagine not having her here to help.

I thought that babies ate, slept, and pooped but mine actually eats, eats, and poops. He forgets that he needs to sleep more than an hour at a time!
The above picture is of James during a rare moment when he is sleeping. He had just had a bath and eaten.


  1. I want to meet the person that says that babies sleep 20 hrs a day!! FALSE haha neither of mine ever slept and i did not understand it haha. but lilly is a good sleeper now so there is a chance for us with big love and james! hahah keep up the good work lady! and get a nap nanny!! big love slept 5 hrs the first time he was in it and be for he only slept about 1 1/2 at a time!! :)

  2. He's so precious. I can't believe he gave you such a hard first week (of course I was home, sound asleep).haha

  3. Such a precious baby!! He'll get on a better schedule quickly.
    Lots of love.