Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Swamp People

Happy Halloween from Troy, Elizabuf, and gator!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Shannon Payne Photography

We had our first session of professional photography with James and I'm pleased to say that he cooperated. It was a mini session with Shannon Payne Photography (I highly recommend) so we had 30 minutes to make it happen. Here is a sneak peak.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This is James' new toy we got second hand from Craigslist. Do you know these suckers are like $90-$130 brand new? Highway robbery! This was a cool $30...definitely nellynomical.
Oh, and yes, he does not have pants on.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Eatin' some corn

James has always been a good eater but his immediate mastery of eating corn on the cob surprised even Steve and me! James had just fallen on the aggregrate in the back yard and has two nasty lumps on the left side of his forehead. You can see the lumps towards the end of the video when he's eating his off-brand otterpop.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sesame Street Live!

The folks at Gaylord were very thoughtful and offered two tickets to Sesame Street Live to James and me. We met our friends, The Bloomfields, there and James had a great time playing with Emma and eating concessions. He watched a little bit of the show but I think he was a little young to fully enjoy the whole thing. We left about 30 minutes before the show ended because he had enough.
Here is a picture of James looking interested in whatever Emma was doing...that's how he spent most of the time.
Here's a picture of James and me in the lobby area at the arena. We also spent time in the lobby during the show so he could run around and burn off some energy.

This was my attempt to make James sit in the seat at the show. It was a disaster and he nearly fell out on several occasions as you can see from this picture.

NOLA in May

Nana doesn't really insist that James wear clothes at her house...especially in the hot summer months. One of his favorite things to do at Nana and Pops' house is to ride around in the tailor tot. For those that don't know, the tailor tot is something from ancient times...like around the time of the dinosaurs. =)
Here are some pictures of James and me at the famous Cafe du Monde in Metairie! We love beignets!

Double Platinum Leslie took us to the Hard Rock Casino on the gulf coast for a few days. We were all set to have a fun-filled day at the cabana which was outfitted with lounge chairs, a ceiling fan, fridge, and fruit platter. Nature had other plans...like, say, hurricane force winds and rain. Even though it wasn't what we originally planned, we had fun hanging out in the suite and watching the rain over the gulf from our balcony. The added bonus was that Pops surprised all of us by "popping" in (pardon the pun) unexpectedly!

This picture was taken on the day we left...gorgeous sunshine, isn't it!?

Zoo day!

We joined the zoo earlier this year and our zoo buddy is Quinn. He normally meets us there with his mommy, Lindsey. We have a great time but I think the boys like to play in the play area more than looking at the animals. Although, the flamingos and the lorikeets do keep their interest for several seconds. Ha!
Here are the boys goofing off for the camera. James is playing an unprompted game of peekaboo and Quinn is smiling for the picture.
When James gets really excited these days, he grits his teeth together and starts smiling really wide. It's pretty funny.

Such a dude!

There's something in the male DNA that makes them want to get dirty, crush things up, and bang things together. There are days when James gets multiple baths because he manages to find the dirtiest thing to keep his attention. And, if it keeps HIS attention, I have a hard time saying no. The first picture speaks for itself. In the second two pictures, the smudge on his face is from the used piece of charcoal that he crushed in his hand and then smeared all over his face. This is my life people!!! Ha!


Time flies when you're having fun! Since I see James every day, I forget how fast he's growing and changing. Apparently, he's done alot of growing since his birthday in April. Here are some recent photos of our summer fun!
This is James at the "poor man's pool"! Ha! It's the fountain at the Streets of Indian Lake. He had a great time and I didnt have to worry about him drowning.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Birthday to my lil' General Lee!

James had a great Dukes and Hazzard themed birthday and I'm so grateful for those that were there to celebrate with him. It's been a very eventful year...alot of ups, some downs, lots of learning, and lots of love.

James' Gramma made his big cake. She's quite the artiste! I made his small smash cake. I actually created a two layer, small round and not only created orange icing but also piped black icing as the "01". That's alot of effort for me!!! Ha!

His Auntie Katie got him this onesie...I wonder why?

This is James with his cousin, Layla, climbing into his new chair!

Mimi and Dr. Pops gave him these ultra cool sunglasses from Janie and Jack. He really likes them but being that his head size is in the 110th percentile, they barely fit around that noggin.

He's ready for summer! We can't wait to wear all of his new summer wardrobe to the YMCA and to Mimi and Dr. Pops new poolside oasis!

Dr. Seus from Uncle Ron! Classic! I can't wait until he actually will sit still long enough for me to finish the books.

Daddy got James this tubular Tonka truck.

He's ready for his birfday cake ALREADY!

Happy Birthday to you!


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Birthday Present

Nana and Pops gave James this picnic table/water table for his birthday. I've learned since he started daycare that he really likes to sit at the table like a big boy to eat. He also likes to splash around in the tub so I thought this would be a great, multi-functional gift. And, he loves it!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jumping on the bed...

...is typically not allowed by any parents...unless you are an infant and look this cool doing it!

Monday, March 21, 2011

James' Fort

Thanks to his Nana sending the carseat base back to us in TN, James got his first cardboard box fort. It was hilarious to watch him play in this thing. What you don't see in the video is that later on, James decided to quit using the "door" and started crawling in and out of the window. He's such a boy!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Christmas is the time of year....

to be with the ones you love" and that's exactly what we did for Christmas of 2010. It was a milestone holiday for James and I had a blast watching him experience his very first Christmas.

Here is a picture of our house after one of the many snowfalls Nashville saw this year. This was after the snow melted a bit and we have actually had days that accumulated much more snow than this. You will not often find me out in the cold so the fact that I took this picture in the first place is kind of amazing. Everyone asks me if I took James out in the snow. The answer to that is a big fat "NO". What fun would it be for me to stand out in the cold holding a 22 lb baby? If he walked or really even had any idea what snow was/meant, I would definitely have gone out with him. I will enjoy the warmth this year but I'm sure next winter season will be a different story.
I would also like to make a quick shout out to Steve for hanging Christmas lights this year. He really didn't want to but I begged him until he gave in.
Here is James multi-tasking again. He has a lot to accomplish so he tries to squeeze in as many things as possible. He is practicing standing and drinking his bottle at the same time. For a kid who just learned how to pull himself up to stand, his balance isn't half bad...which is a good thing because I'm sure the wood floor is less than cozy to fall on. (And, of course the world's most annoying dog is in the picture. He's like "Where's Waldo"... play along as you look through the rest of these pics.
Since we spent Christmas day in New Orleans, we celebrated Christmas day in our own home a few days before we left. James got just a few toys, a Mustang tshirt (from his dad), and a sippie cup.
When we got to New Orleans, Nana and Pops had a lot of fun things on the agenda. One of those items was to visit Fulton Street. Here is a picture of Pops and James in front of a giant gingerbread house made in the shape of the Superdome. It was impressive and made me hungry for something sweet.
Christmas morning was a blast at Nana and Pops. James must have made it onto the nice list because Santa was very generous. I'm not sure I would have put James on the nice list but I suppose Santa is a bigger person than me. Ha.

Auntie and James....do you like his new vest?
Uncle Mike!

James and believe it or not, Pops, in the tent that CiCi gave him. Having fun!
Now it's back to the real world and a new year. I think 2011 will be a pretty awesome year. James is growing by leaps and bounds and its cool to watch. I'm going back to work two days a week and James will be staying with Mrs. Kay at her in home daycare. I think it will be a good opportunity for me to make a few extra bucks and have some adult time during the week and I really think it will be great for James to be separated from me for a few hours a week. He'll get to play with other kids and learn a little bit of independence. I'll also get my Gaylord discounts back which is a huge plus!
Hope you all have a wonderful 2011!