Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sesame Street Live!

The folks at Gaylord were very thoughtful and offered two tickets to Sesame Street Live to James and me. We met our friends, The Bloomfields, there and James had a great time playing with Emma and eating concessions. He watched a little bit of the show but I think he was a little young to fully enjoy the whole thing. We left about 30 minutes before the show ended because he had enough.
Here is a picture of James looking interested in whatever Emma was doing...that's how he spent most of the time.
Here's a picture of James and me in the lobby area at the arena. We also spent time in the lobby during the show so he could run around and burn off some energy.

This was my attempt to make James sit in the seat at the show. It was a disaster and he nearly fell out on several occasions as you can see from this picture.

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