Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Birthday to my lil' General Lee!

James had a great Dukes and Hazzard themed birthday and I'm so grateful for those that were there to celebrate with him. It's been a very eventful year...alot of ups, some downs, lots of learning, and lots of love.

James' Gramma made his big cake. She's quite the artiste! I made his small smash cake. I actually created a two layer, small round and not only created orange icing but also piped black icing as the "01". That's alot of effort for me!!! Ha!

His Auntie Katie got him this onesie...I wonder why?

This is James with his cousin, Layla, climbing into his new chair!

Mimi and Dr. Pops gave him these ultra cool sunglasses from Janie and Jack. He really likes them but being that his head size is in the 110th percentile, they barely fit around that noggin.

He's ready for summer! We can't wait to wear all of his new summer wardrobe to the YMCA and to Mimi and Dr. Pops new poolside oasis!

Dr. Seus from Uncle Ron! Classic! I can't wait until he actually will sit still long enough for me to finish the books.

Daddy got James this tubular Tonka truck.

He's ready for his birfday cake ALREADY!

Happy Birthday to you!


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