Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Famly Vacation- Part 1

We spent a week on vacation last week and we had a ball. James finally got to meet all of his mommy's side of the family. Nana had a party on Sunday and there were about 40 people there and I think they all had a chance to hold James. He was a great sport and enjoyed the attention.
After we spent a few days in New Orleans, we went to the fish camp. We have so many great pictures of the fish camp and of all of the fun we had in New Orleans. It's going to take me awhile to post them all.
Here are a few from the fish camp that my dad took with his iphone.
Pops spent a good deal of time holding James and totally spoiling him. The above picture is of James after Pops rocked him to sleep in the recliner. He's all tuckered out!
The above picture makes me sad. These guys fished their hearts out and didnt catch a thing! Well, Steve caught a few small catfish but that hardly counts. Before the trip, they went shopping for all of the coolest lures and fishing gear and I think that's why I feel so sad that they didnt catch anything.

I love the above picture of pops and James. It's a keeper. This is them sitting on the dock enjoying the peace and quiet.

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