Wednesday, August 4, 2010

You can pick your friends but you can't pick your family...

Great Granny, Pops, mom, and James...4 generations
Uncle Mike
Uncle Dan
Great Aunt Kim
Uncle Blockhead-- I just have to comment here that in every other picture except this one, James looks like a baby. I don't know if it's because he is trying to impress his Uncle Block but James looks so old and serious. Too cool for pics from mommy.
So, I don't really have these posts in order because I'm not that organized. I feel like my life is very similar to the way I post on my blog... chaotic! Ha.
James got to meet pretty much every single family member on my side of the family. My mom and dad had an "open house" on Sunday in New Orleans for people to meet James while we were in town. I thought there would be just a few people there. Oh no...not in New Orleans. You New Orleans, your family is not only your blood relatives. You call just about every one of your parents' friends "Aunt" and "Uncle". That being said, James met about 40 of my "Aunts" and "Uncles" at this so called "open house". Ha! We had a great time and can't wait to go back.