Monday, October 18, 2010

Cherokee, NC

Monday morning, we got up bright and early to get ready to head off to Cherokee, NC. James packed his bags and got on Pops motorcycle. Since we didn't have a helmet small enough, he had to ride in the car with Nana and me. It was a longbeautiful ride through the smokies and through the Dragon Tail. James slept most of the way and was a good boy.
When we got to Harrahs, it was time to unpack and stretch our legs.
Time for bed! We had to get our sleep since we were going to drive to see Melinda and Matt in Franklin the next day. Pops really thought these pjs were cool. Looks like James likes them too. Thanks Aunt Chalon!
On Wednesday, we went to Gatlinburg! Here is a picture of Pops and James waiting for our car at the Harrahs valet. We packed up tons of stuff and headed to Gatlinburg for the day. It was a little chilly that morning so James had to wear his new hat.
Our first stop in Gatlinburg was the Aquarium...see it in the background?
This is us outside of the aquarium. It was such an amazing and gorgeous day.
James was fascinated by all of the colors in the aquarium.
The penguin exhibit was so cute and so cool...or should I say....cold! :)
Nana and Pops had fun too!
I couldn't resist taking a picture next to the Pi Phi philanthropy, Arrowmont.
Nana and Pops bought a few souvenirs at the aquarium and James sure did enjoy them while we ate at the Hard Rock. Nana was like a tornado through the gift shop! You should have seen how many things she thought James just had to have.
Back in Cherokee after Gatlinburg, we needed to relax. James decided not to wear his jeans and just hang out in his diaper. Ahhh, the life.
James spent Thursday morning mapping out the trip back to Nashville. Thanks Nana and Pops for a wonderful vacation!


  1. looks like ya'll had fun. no pics of you and mom @ her place??

  2. no. james fell asleep on the ride to mom's house so we left him in the car. i took a quick tour of mom's hizzle and then we went back to cherokee. :(