Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Pictures

I think James really likes our bed. I don't know if its because the mattress is way more comfortable than his or if it's because it has our smell on it. Or I think he might really like the fan. We might have to get Steve to install a fan in his room. Whatever works, right?

This picture is from this morning. I put him in his pack and play and I went to go take a shower. When I came back, I found him jammed up in the corner of the pack and play. This is NOT where I originally put him. I guess he is really starting to learn how to move with those big ole thighs. Look how happy he is! Oh, and let's not forget to mention my first born in the background. He's wearing his Harley vest because I gave him his flea medicaiton yesterday and I didnt want him rubbing it all over my carpet. Plus, he looks cool!

One word: Chill!

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  1. OMG I want to be in that bed too! He looks so peaceful and in such a deep sleep!! haha Sign me up! haha