Friday, May 14, 2010

4 weeks old

James was born 4 weeks ago! Can you believe it has already been 4 weeks? It's been the longest-shortest 4 weeks of my life. ha. Today he was pretty cranky all day. He slept for 45 minutes this morning and then for about an hour in the afternoon. I really thought babies slept more than that. Oh well. Not my James.
I took him to the doctor's office today so they could weigh him. Get this... he now weighs 9 lbs 14.5 ounces! This kid has gained an entire pound in a week!
I also found out that James might have an outie belly button...which totally creeps me out/makes me laugh. It might not be the case but there is a possibility. I had the doc look at his belly button because I thought that it looks weird. The cord is still sort of healing and I thought it was herniated (sp?). But, the doc said it could just be an outie! Ha!
That's about all for now...I hope to post more soon.

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  1. biggies belly button is herniated - it is really weird looking haha i hate belly buttons!!