Monday, May 31, 2010

Making Friends

James met one of his new friends last week and he did not really make a good first impression. ha. James woke up from his nap and immediately starting crying which made his friend Nate start crying. It was so cute and funny. Nate is 6 weeks older than James and there is a big difference between them because they grow so fast at this age. Nate starting poking out his bottom lip and pouting when he heard James cry. When James really started to wail, Nate started crying. Me and Amber (Nate's mommy) started cracking up and Bill (Nate's daddy) caught the shot.
They are still good friends and hope to hang out again soon.

1 comment:

  1. This is so sweet!! Isn't nice not to be the only one with a baby in the room?! haha I can not lie, I have a hard time at looking at that boogie HA! only you nell hahha I also LOVE that photo of him when he is so tiny, isn't it amazing how much they change even from day to day? Whenever Pick gets baby in town I always ask "does they look different to you?" haha Keep up the good work lady!! He is perfect!